Annual Workshop

Foster collaborations between Texas materials modeling researchers (theoreticians, computational modelers and experimentalists) and to foster academic/industrial interactions.
Meetings will begin with lunch and followed by three session blocks. In each block there will be several focus topic discussion groups. Each focus topic will have a Topic Leader and each session will have a session co-chair. The Topic Leader will (i) introduce the session with a talk that identifies critical issues and opportunities and focuses the discussion; (ii) ensure continuity between the three sessions. Participants may then make short (2 minutes) presentations summarizing their background and research/application interest related to the topic. The remaining time will be used for general discussion and exploring interaction and collaboration possibilities on key issues. Space will be provided for participants wishing to present posters.
Registration & Fees
The registration fee covers direct expenditures and is typically $100 per participant. 
Amine Benzerga (Texas A&M), KJ Cho (UT Dallas), Chad Landis (UT Austin), Jun Lou (Rice), Alan Needleman (UNT), Pradeep Sharma (Univ. Houston)
Past Workshops

1st Annual Workshop – April 2011
2nd Annual Workshop – December 2012